• Fire Arms Licence Required
  • BASC Insured
  • Qualified with BDS or BASC
  • Full Insurance

We're Always looking for new Ground.

Hungary Shooting Packages

Hungary Shooting Packages

Hungary Shooting Packages

Hungary Shooting Packages




Welcome to one shot holidays (the chance to fulfil your dreams) whether it be with a  gun, camera or rod and line, on our site you will find a selection of handpicked holidays from all around the world, these holidays are the crème de la crème offering the best accommodation plus highly skilled  rangers to help you fulfil your dreams. 

We set up One Shot Holidays because there are a lot of very good hunting establishments and other venues all over the world, but we have found that quite a few have really hiked up their prices. In this day and age pennies count and our packages offer a great holiday at a reasonable price.

We have found some well established places for our clients to visit, as well as having new ones in the pipeline, one of which is an African game safari.

For most of the holidays you don't need a rifle as the venues will be able to provide one, so this saves the hassle of booking firearms in at the airport, as well as getting them cleared at the other end. However,we found going to Hungary very easy with regard to firearms, we used Easy Jet as the airline and had no problems.

If you are hunting in the U.K. please tell us if there is anything specific  you that are looking for, and we will try are best to find you what you want. If you staying a few days we can sort out accommodation for you etc.
Most important if you suffer from any ailments, its paramount you inform us, remember you will be handling guns. Many diabetics come out with us for example and this is not a problem, but it is important that we are aware of your condition so that we do not over exercise you and in case of problems we are prepared to act effectively.
Our instructors and guides are fully qualified and our company is insured. However, we would suggest all clients involved in shooting get insurance as its not expensive.

We have land ourselves and our companions for every type of deer.

We have over 4000 acres of stalking land, and also a lot of rough shooting land available for our clients to enjoy, but we are always looking for new land.

If you feel you have what it takes then please come and join us, we hope you will find what you are looking for. At One Shot Holidays relies on recommendations by word of mouth. It is important to us that you recommend us to your friends, and also tell the holiday hosts were you have found their venue, this will help us grow and we will be able to secure more good venues here and abroad.